Brand New (2022) Book by Maria Yeager

I have published a brand new book in September 2022 called Invisible: A Journey Through Adenomyosis and Endometriosis!

Many years ago, I published my story in the book, My Hormones Are Killing Me. However, I felt it was necessary to publish my story again but in much more detail. I also wanted to include what it was like to deal with these disorders emotionally and mentally which I did not include in my previous book.

This book contains two parts. Part I is my detailed story, and Part II includes what the most recent clinical studies have shown in regards to these two disorders. In particular, I look into the possible connection between allergies and these disorders, the role of cortisol, the discovery of progesterone resistance, the possible role of dioxins in the development of these disorders, the link to potential bone problems and/or gallbladder disease and much, much more. Many women with adenomyosis are diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and the differences between the two disorders are discussed in detail – the two disorders can be distinguished if doctors pay attention to the subtle signs! I also discuss a few new treatment options including uterine artery embolization done successfully on adenomyosis patients by Dr. Eisen Liang (Sydney Fibroid Clinic) and DualPortGYN – an effective hysterectomy procedure developed and performed by surgeons at The Center for Innovative GYN care.

PIck up a copy today! Find out what it is like to deal with these disorders, and keep on top of the most current research! Available on Amazon

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