Bloating in Adenomyosis

Bloating tends to be quite severe in adenomyosis patients. Some women bloat only slightly while others can appear to be 9 months pregnant.

Sardo et al. (2017) state that in diffuse adenomyosis, endometrial glands are extensively mingled with myometrial muscle fibers. This leads to an increase in uterine volume. Gordts et al. (2018, Introduction section, para 4) state that diffuse lesions can involve “partially or entirely the posterior and/or the anterior uterine wall resulting in an increaed uterine and asymmetric volume.”

In my latest book, Adenomyosis: The Women Speak, I asked women in the Adenomyosis Fighters Support Group to describe their bloating. Here are a few examples:

“Looking 6 months pregnant 15-20 days a month.”

“Severe. Starts off minimal in the morning. Worsens by end of day to looking 8 months pregnant.”

“Have pants in 3 different sizes.”

“Very bad. This is so embarrasing. I gain over 10 pounds in abdominal bloat.”

“Have been mistaken for being pregnant more times than I can count. Look about 6 months on average…enough to be offered a seat on the bus.”

Gordts, S., Grimbizis, G., & Campo, R. (2018). Symptoms and classification of uterine adenomyosis, including the place of hysteroscopy in diagnosis. Fertility and Sterility, 109(3), 380-388.e1