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This book is a wealth of knowledge. Anyone who suffers from this horrible disease NEEDS this book!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing it,Maria!! – Jen Pearson

I am incredibly grateful for the depth of knowledge and information shared in this book. I have been dealing with chronic pelvic pain for the past two years and this helped to put some of the pieces together for me. My doctors suspected Endometriosis and did an exploratory scope only to find no evidence of it. They did mention signs that could indicate Adenomyosis, but never took the conversation any further. I didn’t pursue it because I honestly feared a hysterectomy. The author not only provided important information, but shared her personal story in a way that was very reassuring. Thank you so much for making this available. – Jill D.


Adenomyosis: A Significantly Neglected and Misunderstood Uterine Disorder by Maria Yeager

When I saw the title of this book, I was immediately compelled to learn more. The author does an expert job of providing medical knowledge and scientific research with an entertaining and personal tone. She also shares her own experience, with which many women, including myself, can identify and empathize, particularly the tendency of misdiagnosis. Kudos to the author for bringing this topic into the light and uncloaking much of the mystery. My favorite sections offered realistic solutions for balancing hormones and thereby managing symptoms, as well as the natural alternatives to the more dramatic medical treatment options, which are also discussed. This book doesn’t just glaze over the less savory details—it reveals the full truth of what it is like to live with Adenomyosis and makes a poignant argument in favor of more research. I highly recommend it to anyone with Adenomyosis or any other menstrual disorder. – Lavender Rain

Maria Yeager does a great job in summarizing the existing medical literature, in an easy-to-read manner for the layperson. This book would also be useful to the medical professional who is not yet well versed in adenomyosis. I appreciated Yeager’s personal experiences and how they could relate to the reader. As the title says, this disease is significantly neglected and she lays a good case for why more research is needed. Given the lack of collaborative information on this disease, she did a great job summarizing what we do know about adenomyosis so far. I give it 4 stars, because I would have loved to see a section on stress. There is now plenty of scientific evidence to show that stress causes hormonal changes, and hormonal changes are definitely a contributor to most gynecological disease. Maybe in her next book. 🙂 – Heather Jacobsen

Five stars simply for the fact that it was written. I had this shitty disease for who knows how long, but I wasn’t diagnosed with it until last year. For the almost ten years I went to doctors practically begging them to find out what was wrong with me, I never once heard the word “Adenomyosis” until last year, just before I had a hysterectomy. There is SO MUCH more that needs to be investigated with this disease, because it ruins people’s lives. Every doctor who practices OBGYN care should read this book. – Carolyn

The lack of information available on this condition is astonishing. Most women hear about endometriosis and almost always have some idea of what it is. Mention adenomyosis and you’ll likely be met with a blank stare. If I didn’t have the condition, I’d be the same in all fairness. Luckily mine was diagnosed a few years ago by a Transvaginal Ultrasound while they were looking for something else. Diagnosing is frequently difficult and treating it is near impossible unless you go via the route of a hysterectomy. It’s an incredibly painful condition. One of my children was a natural childbirth and I’d go through that level of pain a thousand times over if it meant never having to deal with adenomyosis pain again. Last month I was doubled over in the parking lot for 15 minutes because the pain was so debilitating that I couldn’t get into our vehicle. Another instance had me kneeling on the floor sobbing in public. It’s really difficult to get the level of pain communicated effectively to your health care provider. I’ve tried and often was given NSAIDs which do little to help. This book provides so much information. From diagnosis to treatment via surgery, medication, and nutrition as well as limiting exposure to certain chemicals. I have so much to try and I’m hopeful for the first time in years that I may experience some relief. I’m definitely going to be reading more on this condition from the same author. I really hope to see more research on this condition but it’s looking unlikely to happen in my lifetime. If you’re dealing with adenomyosis, this book absolutely belongs on your shelf.  – Charlene


My Hormones are Killing Me: Living with Adenomyosis and Estrogen Dominance by Maria Yeager

Reading this was a little bit like reading my own life story. Granted I am only in my 20s and started my period younger than most… but all other experiences and symptoms align. And then all the pieces begin to make sense in a way that matches up with my gut sense. Even the allergies that flare while I’m pre period. I’m really grateful that someone has told their story and made it available. I hope we won’t have another generation of women younger than myself fighting for over a decade for help. I’m still in the fight to get a doctor to take me seriously and hoping for a hysterectomy soon, but this not only gives me hope but it also gives me renewed faith and inspiration to write out all my symptoms and keep up the good fight to be heard and ultimately helped. Thank you! I am grateful. – Rachel Z.

Absolutely an amazing book! Maria details the struggles and frustrations about the initial stages before diagnosis to the empowering decision for a cure. It’s like reading my own life story. Highly recommend this book to anyone with adenomyosis symptoms and/or newly diagnosed. Great read for family and friends of those with adenomyosis as well. Thank you Maria for writing such an incredible book! – Irene

Great book about a little-known but chronic and debilitating condition. I appreciate the author’s humanity and personal struggle against a backdrop to get a proper diagnosis. Must read for anyone suffering from apathetic doctors on reproductive issues. – Ms. McCormick

Very interesting and informative. Not many books or research out there about adenomyosis, I hope others find this book as helpful as I have. – Danielle Morris


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