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adenomyosisA great way to learn about adenomyosis is to ask those who deal with it every day. So that is exactly what the author did. Over the course of a year, Maria Yeager, who is the founder of Adenomyosis Fighters, posted questions about this disorder on the Adenomyosis Fighters Support Group page. The questions included subjects such as symptoms, diagnostic tests, surgical and pharmaceutical treatments, lab test results, infertility, pregnancy complications, physician issues, diet, and emotional/mental struggles. If you want to learn all about adenomyosis, this is the book to read. Hear it from the women who have lived through it!! Adenomyosis Fighters is the largest adenomyosis support group in the world with almost 9,000 members to date.













Adenomyosis is a uterine disorder that can cause a whole host of problems including painful and prolonged menstruation, heavy bleeding, and an enlarged uterus. It can dramatically reduce the quality of a woman’s life because of the excruciating pain, fatigue, anemia from excessive blood loss, and emotional pain associated with fertility issues. Women with this disorder suffer tremendously, both emotionally and physically. Since so many women do not receive a correct diagnosis for years, family members and friends may not fully understand what these women are going through on a daily basis. This book is divided into five sections. Section I reviews the basics of the reproductive tract and the function of hormones in a woman’s body. Section II gets into the specifics of adenomyosis. Since endometriosis commonly occurs in patients with adenomyosis, this disorder is addressed as well. Section III deals with estrogen dominance and the role of xenoestrogens since this disorder has been linked to excess estrogen. Section IV looks at diet and herbs as a way to help control symptoms, and the subject of phytoestrogens is discussed at length. Section V addresses the emotional aspects of this disorder and how stress can exacerbate symptoms. Problems with diagnosis and treatment of adenomyosis shines a light on the fact that we need much more research on this uterine disorder.








What is adenomyosis?? A lot of people will ask that question when they see the title of this book, and that is the reason it was written. I personally lived with this uterine disorder for seventeen years before I finally received a correct diagnosis after my hysterectomy. Adenomyosis is Adenomyosis: A Significantly Neglected and Misunderstood Uterine Disorder by Maria Yeagera disorder of the uterus that causes very heavy menstrual bleeding, painful abdominal cramping (comparable to kidney stone pain or labor pain), prolonged menstrual bleeding (up to two weeks), severe bloating, anemia, headaches, and much, much more. Adenomyosis affects millions of women and dramatically reduces their quality of life. Very little attention has been given to this disorder, and that is why so many people have never heard of it. Even some physicians are not that familiar with it! This book reviews the recent clinical studies on adenomyosis and discusses the current options in diagnosis and treatment while looking ahead to the future in adenomyosis research. In addition, xenoestrogens (dangerous man-made substances that act like estrogen in the body) are discussed in-depth since this disorder has been linked to excess estrogen. Phytoestrogens, herbs, diet, exercise, and even omega-3 fatty acids are all reviewed for their use in helping to reduce the symptoms of adenomyosis. Current ongoing studies are included; however, they are few and far between. Much more attention needs to be given to this uterine disorder to give those who suffer from it some hope for a better life!






When it comes to disorders of the female reproductive tract, most people have heard of endometriosis, and most know of someone who has suffered from this disorder. However, adenomyosis is a closely related condition, yet very few people are aware of it. The purpose My Hormones are Killing Me: Living with Adenomyosis and Estrogen Dominance by Maria Yeagerof this book is to bring awareness to this little-known disorder of the uterus by telling my own story of my 17-year medical struggle with adenomyosis. In addition, this book delves into hormonal imbalances which could lead to this condition, particularly estrogen dominance. There are many things that can be done to lessen the symptoms of adenomyosis and to help balance hormonal levels, from dietary changes to the use of natural progesterone cream. However, much more research needs to be done since adenomyosis typically can’t be diagnosed until hysterectomy. I hope by writing this book I will be able to help others who might be struggling with a similar gynecological condition.