Adenomyosis: A Significantly Neglected and Misunderstood Uterine Disorder

Do you have adenomyosis or endometriosis and are frustrated by the lack of knowledge on these uterine disorders? Are you constantly searching for information about adenomyosis or endometriosis? Are you looking for effective ways to diminish the symptoms of these disorders? Do you wonder what might be causing your painful and debilitating symptoms? Stop researching! This brand new book includes all of that information in one place! I have researched and compiled information on the most recent research on adenomyosis.

The cause is currently unknown, but adenomyosis has been linked to a condition called estrogen dominance, and this appears to be linked to excessive exposure to xenoestrogens (man-made substances that act like estrogen in the body). In the book, I list all the different types of xenoestrogens and give examples of ways to avoid some of them (total avoidance is impossible as explained in the book – reduction of exposure can be accomplished).

Did you know that you can help to balance your hormones through diet?  Fiber is known to bind to estrogen and removes it through urine and/or feces. There are many other foods that help to eliminate excess estrogen, and these are all listed and discussed in this book.

Did you know that liver health may have an impact on hormone levels? The liver is an amazing organ that helps your body to eliminate toxins, including estrogen. Liver health is of utmost importance in adenomyosis, and this is discussed at length in this book.

Are you facing a diagnostic procedure or future uterine surgery and don’t know what to expect? This book discusses in detail all of the possible procedures/surgeries along with stories of my own personal experience for each test/surgery. I also added the complications and dangers of each procedure.

Are you curious about medications for adenomyosis and endometriosis? I discuss current pharmacological treatments, including side effects of these medications.

This book was written for a person who is not necessarily in the medical field as I wanted women who are suffering to get the most reliable and up-to-date information in a format that they can understand. Many tips and hints to help control symptoms are given throughout the book. I wanted to share this information because I KNOW what it’s like to have adenomyosis and endometriosis. I KNOW the pain! I want to help out other women who are currently going through the pain, fatigue, and frustration that go along with these disorders. During the time that I dealt with adeno and endo, not much was known, and there were pretty much no support sites available. I’m so happy that there are now several excellent support sites out there, and I hope this book will add to the awareness of both endometriosis and adenomyosis.

This book can be found on Amazon or Barnes and Noble in the United States. It is also available through Amazon’s extended distribution channels which means that is should be available for purchase worldwide as a paperback or on Kindle. Click on the link below to purchase through Amazon:

I hope this book will bring at least some relief to so many women who are forced to live with these uterine disorders. I urge the medical profession to update their knowledge of adenomyosis and endometriosis, and I strongly encourage researchers to develop well-controlled trials to give us much more insight into the cause of these disorders as well as better ways to diagnose and treat them.

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