Reader’s Choice : Endometrial Polyps — Bloomin’ Uterus

Great article on endometrial polyps from one of my fav blogs – Bloomin’ Uterus! Endometrial polyps can occur with adenomyosis, and it is important to be educated on this disorder. I personally had a uterine polyp removed via hysteroscopy during the years that I struggled with adeno. I highly recommend this article – full of great info!

One of our local EndoSisters has recently been diagnosed with endometrial polyps, something I know absolutely nothing about. So what happens when I know nothing? I research! What is a polyp? A polyp is an abnormal overgrowth of tissue, usually a lump, bump, or stalky growth (hence the mushrooms above). They’re most commonly found in the colon, […]

via Reader’s Choice : Endometrial Polyps — Bloomin’ Uterus

2 thoughts on “Reader’s Choice : Endometrial Polyps — Bloomin’ Uterus

  1. Thank you SO much for sharing! How was your experience with the hysteroscopy? And did you have a recovery period afteward? AAANNNDD how are you feeling since your hysteroscopy? Did it ever come back? (all the questions!) and…*mwah*

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    • It was a great article! The hysteroscopy wasn’t too bad at all…much like a D&C. I was put to sleep for the procedure, so I don’t remember anything until I was in recovery. Slight cramping, some nausea when I first stood up….pretty much the same as what happened after my D&C. The removal of the polyp made no difference in my other symptoms – pain, heavy bleeding, etc. It wasn’t until my hysterectomy that I got complete relief…darn adenomyosis!!! No worries about questions…ask me anything! You have an awesome blog!! My fav, by far 🙂 Have a great weekend! Maria

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