Universities and the Lack of Research Studies on Adenomyosis

This morning, I watched Fox News and saw a segment about the results of some studies on microagression at the University of North Carolina (UNC). What is microagression? Good question as I didn’t know either. Apparently it is subtle messages that come from things that people say that can have a negative impact on members of “marginalized groups”. To me, it just looks like another way of promoting political correctness.

In this article that was posted to the Employee Forum website at UNC, the list of things that shouldn’t be said include “Christmas vacation” because that may negatively impact members of other religions. “I love your shoes!” is apparently inappropriate because this means you are noticing a woman’s outward appearance rather than her intellectual abilities. Planning a group golf outing is supposedly a microagression since you are assuming that everyone can afford an “expensive” round of golf. “Where are you from?” could offend someone from other countries and “please stand and be recognized” is not advised because that person may not have the ability to stand.

CLEARLY, this is absurd. If we allow this kind of thinking to continue, eventually we won’t be able to say anything to anyone. We’ll all just walk around in a silent country since everything will be offensive. Am I the only one who sees this moving in the direction of our loss of free speech?? To be fair, UNC did respond to the negative coverage of this post on the Employee Forum by saying that it was a blog post that was compiled from research and scholarly articles, and it doesn’t speak for the University. They went on to say that it doesn’t reflect their policies or guidelines. Interestingly, in preparation of writing this blog, I checked the UNC Employee Forum, and the article appears to have been removed.

Research and scholarly articles?? Yep, that’s right. I heard it on Fox News this morning too. This is what particularly angered me today. This kind of research is being done at universities in the U.S., but there are women out there who have been suffering for years and years with adenomyosis and can’t get anything or anyone to help them with their symptoms because of the lack of knowledge on the disorder!

In my most recent book, I list the current clinical trials that are being conducted on adenomyosis. Most of these studies are being conducted outside of the U.S. – three in Norway, several in Italy (there are a lot of excellent studies on adenomyosis that have come from Italy), and quite a few in Egypt. France, Belgium, and Canada also have ongoing studies, but most are being done in the Asian countries. I was only able to find two ongoing studies on adenomyosis in the United States. That’s right – TWO!! 

The National Institutes of Health received a petition about a year ago that I started that requested additional funding for adenomyosis studies. I did hear back from them rather quickly, and they agreed with us. They know that too little is known about adenomyosis. However, they said that they are not getting the much-needed excellent applications from research institutions. After realizing that the NIH wasn’t getting applications, I sent out over 25 petitions to research institutions and urged them to develop well-controlled adenomyosis trials and to submit applications to the NIH. I did not hear back from any of them. NOT ONE! But I won’t give up…I will continue to send out petitions until we, as previous or current adenomyosis sufferers, are heard.

So, as women are repeatedly asking for help on the issue of adenomyosis, begging for more studies, living with horrendous abdominal pain, bleeding until they are anemic and barely able to walk, having multiple surgeries that don’t work, taking ridiculous amounts of pain medications just to get through the day, it’s so good to know that taxpayer money is being spent to fund research and scholarly articles on why we, as Americans, shouldn’t say “I like your shoes” or “Where are you from?” or “Please stand and be recognized”(obvious sarcasm).

I am urging research institutions and universities to PLEASE submit applications for well-controlled studies on adenomyosis. PLEASE! There are so many women out there who are suffering, and this is the kind of research that is needed….DESPERATELY!!

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